Flying with a toddler/ visa

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    Ive booked flights for a holiday in the uk & i'll be travelling alone with 3 kids ( age 7,6 & 2) As my youngest will have her own seat, just wanted to know if anyone has

    used a 'CARES restraint'on the plane?

    Was thinking of buying one, but im unsure of how the restraint will affect the seat behind ie.. will the harness cover their tv screen or table?

    If anyone has used one or seen someone using one on a plane, would be greatful of any opinions.


    Another matter, My daughter was born in Oz so has an Australian passport. Do I need a visa for her to travel to the Uk??


    Thank you

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    Just looked up the cares restraint. I would contact the airline to see if they allow it. It looks like it attaches low enough that it wouldn't cover the screen, but would interfere with the tray. If you're just using it during take-off/landing/turbulence, then it shouldn't be an issue, since trays are stowed at those times anyway.


    Re visa: think the visitor visa would cover her, and they give you that at the airport. She will need to go through the international queue though. Another option would be to get her a British passport, but if it's just for a holiday, that's probably not worth the expense.

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