Job sponsorship queries!!! HELP!!!

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    My family & I are here on a 475 state sponsered visa.

    We have settled in nicely and are enjoying our new life in South Australia.

    Having moved here in Sept 2010 and I started work in Oct 2010. We signed a rental lease for 12 months and although we like it and are quite happy we are now itching to buy our own property.

    My employers are happy to move forwards with job sponsorship, sub class 119/857 . Being on a permanant visa opens many doors for us on home loans etc but does anyone have any idea on the timescale from applying to receiving this type of visa.

    My wife & I have found a house that we would very much like to purchase. Any hints tips or advise on home laons would be much appreciated..

    Many thanks guys



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    Guest Fluterby

    Hi Johnny


    We came over on a 457 visa and then applied for 857 just after we arrived. It took 2 weeks for the visa to be approved. We were told it wouldn't take long and several others had told us between 2 and 4 weeks, but we thought we are never that lucky, so it was a nice suprise that it came back so fast!!



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    Hi, thanks for reply.

    Looking on government visa website it says 3 -3 1/2 months!!! Lets hope it is as quick as yours hey?

    Have you bought property here & if so how easy did you find getting a home loan?

    Cheers mate.

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