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HELP...with a stroppy teenager and his Xbox

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    Guest cdchats

    Having been here for only three weeks (all of which has been a whirlwind) we are still in a temporary rental where the internet connection is......ummmm SLOW !!!


    Frantically searching for rental properties and schools and in the middle of all of this, my sons Xbox live account needs to have a system 'download' (or something) and the internet connection we have is sooooooo slow it cant complete the download.


    I cant laugh at him....he always had reservations about coming to OZ....and now he cant even contact his mates on-line via the him its a big deal !!!


    Is there anyone in the Aldinga Beach area that can help me with a fast internet connection and a TV for 10 mins so that we can get this download complete and he can stop looking at me with accusing eyes....and I can get on with dropping everything at a drop of a hat to attend open viewings.....yipee !!!!:arghh:

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