Confused about Form 80 and 1221

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    Can anyone clarify? Following my 176 application I had an e-mail from DIAC listing all documents required to be uploaded. This includes Form 80 and 1221, but these were not on the checklist on DIAC site. I have downloaded these but it seems the same as the info in the application.

    Also, if these are needed, is it for all applicants over 18?

    As it is past the 28 days, can I submit them now? (my application went in on 12/11/10).

    I have done a search and read that some people have only done this when CO allocated?

    Any help gratefully received! I dont want to get it wrong and cause a delay!


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    My previous reply was short, so I'll expand.


    The forms may not be on the checklist, but are often asked for. I submitted them with my application as I knew it'd save time.


    The sooner you upload them, the less delay you'll experience. You can upload documents at any time.


    The only things that should be left until your application is "being processed further" are the medical/xray and police checks as these have a 12 month validity period and will effect the date when the visa needs to be validated by, as it's usually 12 months from the date of issue of the meds or police check (which ever was issued first).

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