PR visa now! Or wait a year! Help?

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    It will be year in February 2011 that we have been living here in Adelaide. We came over on a Skilled Migration (Subclass 475) State Sponsorship Visa. Which means the criteria we have to meet to gain permananet residency, is for either my wife or I to have worked for at least 12 months (full-time 30hrs+) and for us to have lived in South Australia for at least 24 months. From February this year we have both worked for a year and from February 2012, we have met this criteria and can apply for permanent residency, which will provide us with more security and peace of mind, etc.


    However several months ago my current employers offerred to sponsor me for a permanent visa Skilled - Regional (Residence) Visa (Subclass 887). I was really grateful of this opportunity and accepted this from my current employers. My Employers had to provide lots and lots of paperwork and send them away, which got approved and now a Case Officer has requested for us to pay for the visa and also undergo medicals. The cost for this will be apporoximately $4,500, for everything.



    Now we have been given a Case Officer, I am now thinking that with us only having a year to wait anyway via the State Sponsorship Visa we are currently on, just wait and it will be a lot cheaper as well. Also I am not tied to my employers for a minimum of two years and also save ourselves $4500.00. In addition the first job I gained was as a Rehabilitation Consultant with really good wages, but I hated the company and I spent 3 months of hell being there and then my current employers offerred me the same job, but for $20,000 less money. I love my current job and my current employers are amazing, but the wages are poor. I frequently get opportunities to do the same job for other companies for approximately $20,000 more per annum. I have no idea what I should do for the best?

    1. Be loyal and stay with my current employers, for at least another 2 years and pay $4,500 to gain the security of permanent residency for my family and I and furthermore I also love my job and current employers.
    2. Stay on my current state sponsorship visa for another year and then apply for permanent residency, saves us $4,500 and does not tie me down to my current employer for another 2 years. But delays the security and peace of mind, which permanent residency offers, also my Son can apply for the Police on a permanent visa.
    3. Do I stay on my State Sponsorship Visa and leave my current employers for another company, which pays me $20,000 more per annum, but extremely worried that I may end up being in another company I hate working for, because I could not cope again with a horrible company to work for, even if the money is better.

    I happy to read other people's opinions about my situation and take on board what suggestions you may provide me. I eagerly wait! :jiggy:

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    Hi Tony


    We have recently applied for our perm 887 visa and are now here on a bridging visa (our three years ran out on the 7th Jan) as we await the verdict. My OH's work has been the trickiest thing but we are confident all will be well.


    Having read your post I know what I would do in the same boat and that is no 2. I wouldn't be happy tying myself to an employer and coughing up $4,500 when I could simply wait another year and do it the normal way. If you know that you will have met the work criteria in a years time then my advice would be to stick it out and you'll be amazed at how quickly that year will go by. For us this last year (our third here) as gone in the blink of an eye and we were so relaxed when it came to applying that we left it rather late and almost thought that we might miss our deadline.


    As I say it's just my opinion on what I would do - good luck with whatever you decide.


    Odette :)

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    Hi Tony,

    are you absolutely certain you wont have to pay fees at the later date?

    When my (former) employers offered to help us change to PR, and with the fees, i also had to pay for the DIAC fees, about $4500, they contributed the same!!

    We also had to get a chest xray for the daughter and a blood test for the son, both of whom crossed the age threshold whilst here.............


    the migration agents will often advise you free of charge for an innitial consult, so it may be worth while checking it all out.


    I would go for it, its the best thing we did!!

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    Guest Mitchell

    Hiya. Your employer are sponsoring you but you have to pay? I'm on a 457 employer sponsored visa and going for PR. My company are paying for everything. Sounds like yours might be nice to work for but tight with money if the pays not great either. As far as being stuck with them for 2 years that's almost certainly not true. My visa agent (paid by my employer) said the rules are you and your employer only need to have the intention of staying together for 2 years. You are not forced to stay there unless they put it in your contract. As they aren't paying I would object to that clause.


    It's a difficult situation. Like you I don't want to wait 2 years for PR as I want the security too. However a company that is paying you $20k under the going rate are disrespecting you. I'd consider their motivation. Do they see you as a mug prepared to work as cheap labour and hope you'll feel obligated enough to continue working for too little for another 2 years or do they have money problems that mean they can't really afford you? If I were you, before I make a final decision, I'd have a chat to your current employer. Explain that you love your job but they're putting you under pressure by under valuing you. See what they say. You never know you could talk your way into a pay rise then problem solved. Good luck!

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    Its a tough one Tony there are many ways to look at it.


    thgere is no saying that your current company once they have you tied in could treat you bad knowing that they have you tied in for 2 years ( this is possible to get out of i belive. )


    Why should you pay any money they ARE the ones sponsoring you.....i have a friend whom is sponsored and his employer paid everything.



    I personally would stay on the VISA your on and suck it and see....if they like you they will keep you....and you only have 1 more year to go til you can apply for PR....if it goes sour where you are you could always leave as tyou say there are lotsa other jobs around.



    Thats just my opinion mate.....each to their HAS to be your choice for you and whats best for your family....



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