Anne B

Australia Day March in the City

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    Have just got back from the Australia Day march in the City. A very colourful and good natured event with some organisations (Army, Navy etc) and many nationalities who now call Australia home marching, often in national dress, waving flags (Australian and from their home nations), playing music, dancing, singing, celebrating all the different cultures. Somalis / Chinese / Japanese / Philippinos / Samoans / Kenyans / Vietnamese / Ethiopians / Greek / Irish / Burmese / Thai / Indonesians / Turks / Italians / Polish / Latvians / Ukrainians / Indians / Sikhs / Muslims - to name but a few....


    But I wondered, why no English, no Scottish, no Welsh !!!!!?????


    (Also I noticed no Aboriginals and no New Zealanders marching either)......

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