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Guest BobboMcJobbo

Gettin desperate...

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    Guest BobboMcJobbo

    Hi all,


    This is my first post on this forum, my name is Darren and we (my wife Shelley, and two boys - well more like men now - Ryan - 18 and Aaron - 15) have been here in Adelaide since Aug 2003.


    As per my title, we are desparate!


    My son is looking for anything in the trades sector (a plumbing apprenticeship ideally), but would welcome ANYTHING!


    As it seems to be here in Adelaide, it is not what you know, but who you know and a lot of his friends who left school this year seems to have got themselves sorted with traineeships, apprenticeships, etc through family, friends, etc.


    As most of us who have migrated out here, we don't have such luxury as massive friend and family networks, so gotta go thru "normal" channels.


    He paid for a pre-voc in plumbing at Tafe, to increase his chances, no luck.


    He has been registered with PIA, TAPPS, PEER and a couple more of these training organisations for almost a year now and heard nothing even though he calls religiously every month to touch base. He has also made speculative calls to companies - no luck there.


    He did manage to get a month's "trial" at a place, but was told he done well, but they were looking for exceptional staff. I personally feel they used him for cheap/free labour, as such, not going to mention the name of the firm, as I feel this is utterly wrong.


    I don't know what else/more he can do! I am starting to feel sorry for the lad as he is trying his heart out and getting nowhere!


    Any help/info/advice ANYONE can offer to maybe potentially help out would be very much apprecaited.


    He's a good lad, just needs a chance!





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    Guest Guest75

    Crap treatment of the young un' there Darren.:realmad:


    Good idea to come on here and give it a try - ya never know.


    Sure something will turn up.


    Might be worth while contacting the local trade schools / TAFE and so on - explain the situation, I know a mate of mine got a job that way.


    I'm keeping my ear to the ground for you. :cute:

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