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Guest Devon

Praying mantis

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    Guest Devon

    I went to pick up a bit of twig and a shudder went through me when it moved. I was panicking as thought what the hell is that?! :arghh:It was massive and went into defense mode - it had massive eyes and I thought it was going to bite and wasn't sure if it was dangerous, so put a bowl over it until OH got back. The guy turned up to mow the grass and was in stitches - it was a preying mantis - it eats all the other insects ie spiders, ants, roaches and even small snakes! Thought he was winding me up as the aussies do like to do that sometimes (drop bears) Just checked on the internet and that was all true. How cool is that and there was me gonna end it's life! It's now got it's own place of honour in the garden! I did feel really stupid though!

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