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Boxertony 1 Year Update......

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Guest theclarkes

Happy Anniversary Tony, Jane and family, we will be one of those at your bbq very sooon. woooooo



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Thanks for taking the time to post your update.


I hope someone has managed to get hold of the person who rented your home and got what she owes you. Some people have no respect for others and are out to get a life for free. i hate poeple like that.

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Guest guest7187

Thanks Tony for telling us your story, you had a hard time on your journey to the first year there.I think many people would have given up and come back (I would have after hearing about your house in the UK) WELL DONE to all your family

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On the 10th February 2011, my family and I have been in Adelaide for one year. Wow! one year it just seems like it was yesterday when we landed, does time travel faster in the land downunder or what? Ummmm! What a year it has been!


We had our house up for sale for 6 months but it was not selling, so after speaking to a fellow member of this website in November 2009 at 11:30pm UK time. I decided, sod it! Lets just go, we have our visa's, the house is not going to sell, lets rent it. So we rented the house to a lady aged 59 years old with custody of her two small grandchildren. My parents gave me £2000.00 for the flights and we booked them for the 8th February 2011. I started telling the contacts I had made regarding jobs I have been semi offerred, e.g. MINDA, that we are on our way.


Wait for this now! Our family of five consiting of my wife and I, son aged 20, daughters aged 16 and 11 arrived in adelaide with £5000.00, just under $11,000. We did not bring any furniture with us. We had already had a furnished house sorted in Seaton for $750 per week, all bills inclusive. We arrived at 12 noon, by the time of 6pm that day, we had sorted out the banks, a big shop and hired a car. The next day we sorted our tax file numbers, bought a car, got all members of the family a mobile phone and pay as you go internet. The third day we had been here I walked on Glenelg beach in 37c heat and could not believe that we live here. From the third day of being here in Adelaide, it was my home, I never looked back, I never converted the $ to the £. I embraced the life of a aussie. By the end of the week Jane my wife had a start date for job on the Cancer Ward at Calvary North Hospital, because money was scarce she had to start within two weeks of arriving. We moved from Seaton to Ferryden Park, had to pay $3,000 bond and rent and no furniture. We furnished the house with the following:


3 Queen Size Beds with Mattresses

6 Bedside Tables

2 x 2 Seater Bed Settee's

2 x TV Units

2 x Coffee Tables

2 x Lamp Tables

1 x 7 seater dining room table set.


Costing us $1,660.00 brand new from Super A Mart (Gepps Cross)


1 x Freezer

1 x Fridge Freezer


Both costing $650 with delivery from Harvey Normans (Gepps Cross)


Many friends who we had met, lent us culterly, blankets, washing machine, blow up beds and TV.


I had been offerred 11 jobs, within two weeks of being in Adelaide. Great start. I decided to take the job at MINDA, but had to do my Australian First Aid and get my Skills Assessed again.


In the meanwhile I gained a job at De Poi, as a Rehabilitation Consultant (WorkCover), the money was great, but I worked with 67 horrible women, I hated the job. I was constantly called into the office saying I fart to much, do I have a mental health problem, for instance: short term memory loss, just because I put those small yellow sticky notes on my computer screen, which remind me of things to do. I hated going to work everyday. I worked their for three months. In additon the lady who rented our home had never paid the rent and took all my furniture, my floorboards, the light fittings, my shed and even my Combi Boiler. We had lost $30,000 in the value of our home. Police found her, but they could not prosecute her because it was a civil matter. I got my keys to the home posted them back to the bank and walked away. That same weekend in June I applied for 5 jobs and two days later I got all 5 jobs, so I picked another Rehabilitation Consultant role (WorkCover) for $20,000 per annum less, within a few days I loved the job, my work colleagues and management, also the Chief Executive asked me to go for a drink with him, which I would of been daft to refuse not to. He offerred me to sponsor me for Permanent Residency, providing my family with more security/stability. I took up this offer.


In the meanwhile Jane was really enjoying her work, apart from going back to shift work, as she was working in outpatients in Newcastle upon Tyne. My son was playing professional soccer for Adelaide City and we also had a chat with Adelaide United as well, who was aware of my sons talent. He also gained a job at the Director and owner of Adelaide City's business, BEST Bricks and Pavers as a salesperson, which he is still working there, but has now stopped the soccer. My daughter 16yrs old did not want to come here and it was a nightmare when she arrived. Constantly on the phone and facebook to her boyfriend, would not talk, would not sociliase, would not go anywhere with us, she constantly stayed in the house for 7 months, this caused a lot of arguments and upset between our family members. My mother offered to pay for her flight back to England, my daughter would not talk to me, she was not interested in gaining the PR or even attempting to make an effort here in Adelaide. Then my son all of a sudden booked his flight for the 5th September 2010 and was going back for good and never returning, also he was going to book a flight for my daughter to go back with him. I understand where my son was coming from and that he wanted to support his sister. I wanted both children to stay until we got the PR Visa but they would not. At the same time we had found out that the amazing home we was living in had been sold and we had to move out, we managed to get a much smaller two bedroom with a study room just around the corner, because both children were going back. 2 days before we were moving my son decides not to go back to the UK, hence my daughter not going back. Everything I told him to try to get him to stay he ignored me, but when his mates at work told him the same he decided to stay. Another problem we were moving to an house with no bedroom for him and really small. We had two days to gain a 4 bedroom house, lucky enough we got a 4 bedroom just around the corner from a patient at Jane's hospital. 6 weeks later my daughter got a job in a cafe on King William Street, she has just passed her driving test and currently driving my car, she has saved up $2,500 to get her own car and will be 18 years old in April, so she can then at least get in the pubs and meet people. My daughter told me that she is staying now, 8 months of upset and worry for my daughter and now its over with. My son is very settled and has a car now. Jane takes her driving test this coming week and we have savings for her to get a car.


We have just spent Jane's 40th birthday in Sydney, we have lots of really really good friends who seem to be much nicer than the friends we had in the UK, I find that the friends over here make much more of an effort to meet up with you and especially help you with anything. We have no debts and money to spend and save.


Jane and I dont miss anything in England and we have no interest in going back, our parents have even said not to go back for their funerals, in a nice way. I want to say a big thank you for all the friends we have met via this wonderful site and for all the help/support they have given us for this past year.



Wow, You guys have all been through it, at the time it feels like just you, but everyone in their own way suffers before they can settle.


Laura xxxx

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What an amazing post and a very happy anniversary. Congratulations and we hope things continue to go well for you.


Laurie & Nick

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Guest guest7008

That was great to read, gives hope to us who are in the middle of this mad mad process, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and who knows, one day, God willing, we will be there too. Well done on what seems a wonderful first year for you all.

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Guest MutleyCrew

Now that's just the type of post that lifts you and is truly motivating. Serious congratualtions with what you have achieved with what was, at times, so little! You have done absolutely fantastic and amid all our current aspirations and worries re making the big move, as we have just been allocated a case officer, you have made us put everything in perspective and realise what can be achieved if you really want it. Thanks and we wish you all the best for the next year and beyond. Well done!!

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Guest Mizzmp

We are in the dreaded process of spend, spend, spend while not knowing if we will get a visa.


We have a 16 yr old son who doesnt really want to move and reading your post just shows they should eventually crack! Its really good to know that people over there have helped you out and that its easy to make friends. It will be like starting again when we move but Im soooo ready for it!


Good on you guys! x

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Guest graandjac

Now that right there is what its all about............that'll stir all the whinging poms up:biglaugh:.....bloody good on ya, may the next year be better than the first.

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