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    If you are interested in meeting new people/family and doing life together!!!!

    Coastlands Church is starting up a new Campus in the South.

    It is going to be in Port Noarlunga Primary School. Please watch this space for more information.

    First Sunday is 6th March.


    This is a church which is very different to your traditional churches.


    Your kids will have fun, you will meet new friends basically we are one big family. Come along and join in . We are not just a Sunday Church we do church every day.


    Watch this space for more info!!!!!!


    Elaine :D

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    Really interested to hear that and encouraged! We have been looking up churches, such as, Eden, Impact and Coastlands, as they seem similar to ours in the UK now. Great to hear of someone who knows it personally. I have messaged you in the past and was grateful for your private messages regarding nursing and short term rentals, now I know why!!

    We visited a church in Sydney last year and were impressed by the number of teenagers there and their commitment and passion to help others. Very encouraging for us as a family.

    Be great to meet up with you when we get there, still waiting on a case officer but CNAHS will hold job offer.

    Thanks for the post!!

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    Wow Coastlands looks interesting, just checked out your website. Never heard of them before, good to know who's doing what!

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