Thrown in at the deep end....with the sharks

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    My daughter (Molly, 10) had a bit of a shock last weekend. It was her first training session on the beach with the Moana surf life saving club (the first 2 weeks training had been at the local pool).


    After doing some sprinting and other exercises on the beach (in 30 degree heat) the group had to swim out about 60-70 metres around a buoy and back to land. The first time she had ever swum in the sea!!!!


    Then they had to paddle out on a board to the same buoy about 60-70 metres out. Then it all happened, she saw a fin in the water (as did some others in the group) and everyone was told to get out of the water. The helicopter came over and the boat went out to investigate. I think that they believe it was a dolphin (not a shark), but we still don’t really know.


    Needless to say Molly was a bit upset at the ordeal (I’ve been telling her she’s more likely to be struck by lightening than attacked by a shark!!! – what do I know) but she still wants to carry on her training next weekend.


    Apart from possibly being eaten by a shark I think the surf life saving clubs are a great way to integrate into the Aussie lifestyle - learning essential water safety skills and keeping fit.


    More shark(ish) adventures next week!!!!



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    Guest muppetbro

    mmm my kids started at t he weekend swam 125 metres out.....


    yesterday i kitesurfed henley and packed up after 45 minutes - i rode past an 8 footer - third session on the water - ive seen 2/3dolphins already when out on the water which are usually what you see when at water level and see a fin...but this shadow i went towards thinking dolphin and then realised shape and size was shark....


    no idea w hat type dont care i was on my strapless surfboard which is easily fallen off when you carve around but thank god i did a sweet slow turn before a rapid return - i was about 60 metres from the sand!


    really freaked me - they are always around but when you cant see them at least you dont worry and they aint feeding at the surface....upset so i went fishing to relax instead i caught 3 big carp and a ninja turtle which freaked me cos it was like kinda flapping a round - got home sat outside with a cold one and just covered myself with mozzie attractor and let t hem bite me - it was quite an enjoyable way to end the day but i do look like a spotty grotyy today...


    on a serious note the slsc are well organised very seriously run and take no chances what so ever - i for one want my kids to develop their water confidence and be aware of their surroundings both good and worrying...if you see a helcopter circling over the water that means get out of the water shark near by....


    oh and as for dolphins scarring sharks away - myth - talk to local surfers they are all alive with a tale to tell so maybe spotting a shark isnt always so bad........unfortuantely there was a well known local incident few years back which gives a reality check as to sharks



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    Guest mOZzy


    i think your daughter did a really great job! first time ever in the sea and doing all these exercises :notworthy: - can't be easy!!!

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