are apprenticeships available.............

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    .................for my 28yr OH?



    I'm Kath and married to gordon with two little treasures jordan9 and connor 6. we have applied on the 2nd august for our visa through my qualifications and trade of a hairdresser and are just waiting like so many others. hope to be there by 1st 1/4 of 2008.

    as to try and utilise the waiting time efficiantly have been researching areas, schools, house prices (now know some places we can't afford to live:)) but OH doesn't want to go half way round the world and work in another office and really wants to be a brikie or in that line of work.

    He completed a week(i think) course here as so to build a 5 cornered 4ft wall around the driveway of the house we have now sold in preparation for our ever hopeful move to oz but i am trying to find as much info as possible about the chances of him succeding with the career change.

    do they hire older people on apprenticeships or has he no chance.we really need two lots of money coming in so we will be able to live with food on a table so not sure if going to uni full time would be a solution.

    any ideas/thoughts would be greatly appreciated or any builders out there wanting to train a hard working guy up ???(if you don't ask you don't get;)


    thanks for reading


    kath x

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