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Guest Viv75

Finally flights booked.

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    Guest Viv75

    Been a while since I was on here what with running after my 14 month old toddler Isabella and also having another baby, James now one month we have finally booked our flights back to Adelaide after being back in the Uk for 3 years. Looking forward to being back and getting some warm weather after the horrendous winter weather back here in Dalgety Bay , Fife.


    Sad about leaving the parents again as this time the move back will be permanent, don't think my Auzzie hubby would want to leave again and it will be a better lifestyle for our children i know but it means that I am taking them away from their Scottish grandparents. At least we can skype. :cute:


    Am hoping to maybe meet some mums with young children or children for that matter as I won't be working and fear that I may get a little lonely whilst hubby is at work. Anyways we will be moving back into our house in Somerton Park in October but until then will be renting somewhere. Where I don't know.

    Anyways thats enough rambling for now. We arrive 16th April so not long now, the countdown and mad organisation has officially begun.


    Take Care all you peeps out there and Happy Valentines for Monday. ;)

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