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High school with good science dept

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    We're hoping to move in aug/sep this year, and are looking at schools for my 13 and 11 year olds. We're looking at south of the CBD. The oldest has an aptitude for science and we really want to keep this up by looking at schools with good science departments. Anyone got any ideas of good high schools for this subject?? The youngest is also good with science, but also very arty and amazinginly loves sports (so unlike the eldest).



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    Share on other sites may want to look at this school for your eldest...although as he is only 13, he will be too young to go there for the time being...they start there in Year 10, (which would be an age of 15 or thereabouts)




    My daughter goes to a high school here in the south, and she said they have a pretty good science department ...and there are rumours that this is being expanded.

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