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Guest darlo 2 adelaide

2 year anniversary!!

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    Guest darlo 2 adelaide

    My hubby had to remind me of this, about 1 year ago I was counting everyday for various reasons (mainly stress).


    I found myself (by coincidence) in one of my most favourite places now in adelaide. It was romantic, unusual (for me anyway), giggly, girly and thoroughly fun!!!


    I met with a large bunch of ladies at the moonlight cinema in the parklands (city) to watch the 1st version of GREASE! It is an absolute classic film, on a huge screen, we were given vast amounts of moscito spray repellent for free, laid on bean bags, with blankets, had lots of food etc to share, met some fabulous and funny people (all friends of friends). The eatery places sold homemade pizza and wine (remarkable) and everyone was sharing everything they had (homemade ofcourse). I can honestly say I've never met such a friendly bunch all in one place. I laid there under the stars surrounded by such lovely people (no doubt we'll meet again), thinking it was just one of those lifetime memories, never to be forgotten.


    Adelaide is so full of beatufil places and wonderful things to do. I'm still in awe of the place 2 years later. :daydreaming:


    All i can say is that I am soooooo grateful for being here. Anyone in doubt about coming, just don't let your anxiety hold you back, life is great, explore more!!!!:notworthy:

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