Free Giveaway - Basic Ikea dining table

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    Hi all... I have a smallish Ikea LAVER dining table to give away - pick up from Glenelg. It was only about $100 (including the chairs, which have been thrown out, they were horrible and wobbly, so only have table to offer) when I bought 2 years ago setting up my unit...


    I have since moved to a bigger place and bought a bigger dining table. Glass table top on metal legs... seats 4 (6 is ok if a little snuggly!). Was used for 2 years but in totally fine condition... it's nothing amazing but if it helps someone set up their home over here until later on when you can replace with something nicer, am happy for it to go to a good home! Send me a private message for phone/email.


    Cheers, Robin


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