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    If you are looking to connect. There is a new church, Coastlands South, opening in Port Noarlunga Primary school on Sunday 6th March at 10am. This is a fantastic church like no other. We are ordinary people doing life together.


    If you are looking for friends new family or just connection come and join us. Kids are going to love it. It's not just for Adults it's for your kids too!!!!


    After the service there will be a lunch for everyone.


    You are most welcome. Look forward to catching up with you.


    My husband and I came here nearly eight years ago and love this wonderful country.

    Ask for Elaine,see you there!!!!


    Lots of love

    Elaine :D

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    Yes, state sponsored permanent visa. We were offered a temp one by CNAHS but felt perm was the way to go, particularly with young children. You only end up applying for it later on, so went for it first as last. By the way things have been going, i don't think a temp would of been much quicker. I've sent you a private message also Elaine.


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