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    Guest Rochesdownunder

    Hi every one

    We got our visa and heading off on the 29 of march .All go here a few questions for you great plp



    1.I know my OH s to do Safety course before he starts on the site where in Adelaide will we get the courses done



    2.Dose anyone know where i will get areasonable 2 bed apartment for two weeks when we first arrive


    3.will i rent a car at airport or in the city


    thanks in advance


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    Guest cornish Busdriver

    Hiya Sharon.

    Not sure where your OT can do his health and saftey course but i would recomend renting for a few weeks of (Tyke) ausselife or Tamara homesdown under.

    Prices may seem a bit high but for 2 weeks it will be cheaper than paying for an apartment and all the other stuff that anyone would take for granted like cooking facilities, internet and washing machines.

    I hired my car from Thrifty at the airport for a month but took it back after 2 weeks as i brought my own car and they gave me the last 2 weeks rent back on it.

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