Best pub for watching Live Premiership Footie in Adelaide?

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    Good morning ladies and gents!


    Just wondering if any of you lovely people can let me know the best place for watching live premiership matches in Adelaide city?


    I've been the Elephant pub a few times and quite like it there - just wondering where else is good - and also what they're dress codes are (if any), as I have a few mates going to the Soundwave Festival (metal/ rock festival in Adelaide) and suffice to say they'll be sporting the usual piercings, tattoos, trainers and shorts that are pre-requisite for a rock festival ;-) so can't see us heading to any 'fancy' pubs...


    Thanks in advance guys! x x

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    Guest davey72

    Try the Rosemount ( bottom of Hindley) I watch most of my teams prem games a the Rosemount it can get a bit chaotic on Sun morning games but all other times it is a decent place to watch the games as it is open 24hours. In my opinion far better than the Elephant. Great for the 6.30am kick ofs a few pints before work! They do sometimes have the commentary on as well. Its not a fancy place so you will be fine.

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