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State sponsorship

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    Guest simos

    Hi, Please be gentle as this is my first post on here and I am learning this as well as how to migrate!!


    I am a Midwife with 20yrs experience and want to migrate with my OH and 2 kids to Adelaide. I am going down the 176 sponsored visa route.

    Just on the starting blocks but cannot move cos I am not sure what to do first, despite reading loads on here and

    Am i right in thinking that first I need to get SS, but to apply for this do i need...

    1. ILETS?

    2. Pos skills assessment by AHPRA or ANMAC (cant decide which) ?

    Would be grateful for any helpful advice.


    Joanne:huh:,Howard:daydreaming:,Harry 10yrs:D & Libby 4yrs:chatterbox:

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    Guest karenbonnar



    You need to get a positive skills assessment before you can apply for state sponsorship. Found this page with starting details for your occupation.

    Midwife - 254111


    This forum is great but always double check everything, forums are peoples opinions and could be mistaken. Use the DIAC and SA websites, loads of reading but you will get a handle on it.

    Department of Immigration & Citizenship

    Home :: Make The Move

    I hope the links work.


    Welcome and good luck. It is a long and stressful process but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.



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    Guest simos

    Thanks Karen for your advice.

    After a gud night's sleep I now think we will take this journey at a steady pace and accept it will take time, & lots of patience and research.

    Going to Expo in Manchester in March so hope this will be helpful also.


    Thanks Again


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    Guest Steph&Lee

    Hi joanne,


    You will first need to sit your academic IELTS test. Not easy, but unfortunately has to be done! Once you have passed, then you can apply via up to ANMC for your skills assessment. Takes up to about 8 wks for a reply to that. Once you have positive skills assessment then you can apply for state sponsor.


    we are using Ian Harrop migration agent....very good! I certainly couldnt get through it all without them. They talk you through everything with as many calls needed to get it right. Some people chose to do it themselves but i looked into it and it was too complicated for me!


    Good luck with it all!


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