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The Sowters

Multi Gym - Power Gym for Sale

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    Multi Gym - Power Gym

    by Body Sculpture

    Model BMG 4100

    Brought over from the UK and now I don't have the time to use it. Excellent condition however there is a rip on the seat on the front edge (about 3 ") but this does not affect the gym at all. Seat was damaged by our removal guys.

    Full brochure included which gives all the various uses and examples of how to use the gym.

    Up to 75Kgs resistence using carbon fibre "bows". Seat/leg unit is detachable allowing machine to be used whilst you are standing as well. Considerably lighter than a "weighted machine" and is more than suitable for use up stairs where normal multi gyms would be too heavy.

    Collection only due to size and weight however if you would like to view it, you are more than welcome. Good all round multi gym for use by all the family as it provides a full range of exercise options to suit all fitness levels.

    If you are interested, please send me a PM.



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