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    Ah, Fringe festival... my favourite 3 weeks of the year in Adelaide. So many shows, so little time.


    Thought I'd start a post to share Fringe show recommendations... has anybody seen anything good in Fringe 2011 that they recommend? I've seen 3 shows so far - Felicity Ward (comedian, very funny) The Misanthrope (amazing acting, costumes and sets - very heavy dialogue - it's an adaptation of Moliere - very much for 'serious theatre goers' - I felt very out of place and a little confused by it all!) and then last night, the comedian Jen Brister. Thought I'd put a shout out on here for her show, after all, it is called Jen Brister is British (ish) and is about what it means to be a Brit - lots of funny stereotypes of Brits and Aussies - very funny - highly recommend it. More info here:


    Jen Brister is British(ish) | BankSA TalkFringe - Adelaide Fringe 2011


    Also thought I'd share this great site I just came across - under the 'Discount Tickets' tab there are heavily reduced tickets to Fringe shows for every night... BankSA TalkFringe - Adelaide Fringe 2011


    What's everybody elses picks of the Fringe thus far? I'm off to see Hannah Gadsby tomorrow night so I'll post what I thought of that =)




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    Guest colette

    The play Bound by Bear Trap Theatre Company a London based company is fantastic. Not to be missed at the Holden Street Theatre. Best play of the Fringe.


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