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Guest zoex

All new to me! Help needed please!

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    Guest zoex

    Hi i am new to this site.


    I am looking to me to move to oz and have been advised that adelaide would be the best place for me with regards to work as i am a upholsterer and have been speaking to gomatilda and they have informed me that adelaide is where all the upholsterey jobs are so if anyone is out there with a job offer you would make my day:)


    But also would like to here from anyone with there advise on how long it will take and also if there is any jobs there for upholsterers.


    What the best way to do things ie. should i look for a employer first or get my visa?

    Also do you need a certain amount of money in the bank for you to able to move over?

    and also the best area's in adelaide and what is the cost of living like ie rentals etc


    Any advise and help i would be very greatful ;)

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    Guest kangomik

    G'day and welcome to the forum.

    Good questions

    Each visa is different.

    Rent is anywhere from $250 to $600 a week depending on what you want. try Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes for Sale, lease and rent - for a guide.

    For jobs have a look at SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site there is a menu on there that will give a guide to wages.

    Some visa's you have to show money in the bank (or assets) I think it's about £20K.

    Trying to get a work sponsored visa will be difficult, I would try and get a PR Visa if your skill is on the MODL.


    Time scales have gone through the roof, took us 12 months (could have been done in 8) but with global changes i think this has been pushed closer to 24 months.


    Have fun on the adventure.:D

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