Tree surgeon...

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    Just thinking out loud.... and hoping others will join in if you have any knowledge on this kind of of work.


    We hope to be heading to Adelaide in August (fingers crossed.) OH is looking for a complete career change (currently works for an oil company both on and offshore.) He hopes to start using his photography but we have been thinking about other things he could do if this is slow to take off.


    I have suggested all sorts of things he would be good at but tree surgeon was the only thing that made his ears prick up. However we don't know much about what qualifications are needed or how you go about getting in to it. Lee was in the forces and on leaving did a rope access qualification (at the time thinking he would go in to telecoms,) so maybe this would be useful. He is physically fit and loves the outdoors so I would assume thats the kind of person you'd need to be....


    Anybody know any more about this line of work??...............

    ThanQ! :)

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