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    I am in the process of getting all my documents together for Ahpra nursing registration. I have my visa and did have an approval letter from what was NMBSA but this expires in May and I will not be arriving until December. I have been told that I can only register with this letter if I present myself in person at the Adelaide Ahpra office. I did consider this but now think with the cost of flights it would be cheaper to start again.


    These are the documents that I am in the process of getting certified, and due to the expense of having to use a Notary Public or Justice of the Peace I do not want to miss something:-


    Passport - page showing photo

    Passport - page showing visa

    Birth certificate

    Marriage certificate

    Decri Nisi

    Academic transcript from uni

    Initial Registration document with NMC

    3 x certificates showing credits at level 3 from CPD modules

    GCE 'O' level certificates

    Statement of service from employer - been with same employer for 6 years

    CV signed by myself and employer to make sure if is correct.


    Can anyone let me know if I have missed something.


    Is my academic transcript and 'O' level certificates being in english enough to prove that they were taught in english?


    Am I right in assuming that if all ok and approved I am back to where I was with my NMBSA letter and on arrival in Adelaide I will still need to go to Ahpra office with letter, fee, police check and id?


    Any advice greatly received.


    Thank you



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