Any info on Healthscope?

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    Hello all, I'm a nurse working in HDU and PACU, and am going for a job interview in a few days with Healthscope. I was wondering if anyone could give me any general information, i.e. whats it like to work there? is it comparable to other private companies? is it a good career move or career suicide?! These people promise you the earth, so i'd like a balanced view, so if i get offered a job i can make an informed decision. Any information at all is welcome.

    ejaytee....desperate to be back in adelaide....:biglaugh:

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    Hi there, yeah i had my interview on thurs, just waiting to hear whether they will offer me something appropriate. I was hoping a few people would have given me some info on them as an employer, i know some will always be negative, but its scary signing 2 years of your life away to a company you know nothing about!!! Anyway, I guess now I just have to wait and see what this week brings! Thanks for your reply.

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