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    I've nodoubt this has been asked before but I can't find any of the threads -


    My boy is almost 5 and so his passport only has 5 month left to run. He needs a new one for the PR application. How do I go about getting the new UK passport and once I have it, what happens about the existing 457 visa (its electronic but there is a paper version stuck in the passport)?



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    whether you're in australia or the UK the process is pretty much the same. download the appropriate form from the appropriate website (if you're in australia, make sure you also download the appropriate checklist for renewing passport, as the form is the same whether you're applying from scratch or renewing, and can make you think you need lots of extra documents, which are not needed for renewals), fill it out, take it, the old passport and certified passport photos (I'm assuming he looks a little different now to 5yrs ago) to a post office that does passports (if you're in adelaide, the big one on King William does). Pay the fee. wait for the new one to come in the post.


    Once you have the new passport, inform DIAC, who will transfer his existing visa over to the new passport. since it is electronic, you don't need the paper label, but if you're worried about it, either take/post the new passport to the embassy/DIAC office for a new label, or just carry the old passport along with the new one when you travel.


    hope that made sense

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