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Guest ebstar

Things are moving

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    Guest ebstar

    So we started the process in feb 09 and after completing the various tests and chasing the changes, we finnaly applied for our 175 in sept/oct 10. We had gained an employer sponsor in feb 10 but this did'nt progress to anything.Resigned to the fact we were in for a long wait and wanting to start building our future asap, we looked for another sponsor.This we found quickly in oct/nov but seemed to move slowly.We heard yesterday that the sponsorship papers should be ready to go next week but then get a call this morning that made me cry. We will be getting our case officer for our 175 visa within the next 3 months and need to get moving on our meds and pc's.:jiggy:Our agent says our case is very straight forward and has a good chance of immediate grant when looked at.

    Every area of my life seems to be filled with stress and anxiety at the moment and when i was begining to think things can't get much worse, they just got a whole lot better.:jiggy:

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