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Guest JamesSg

Aged Parent Visa 804 Bridging Visa B

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    Guest JamesSg

    Hi everyone, sorry for intruding into this Poms forum.

    I am from Singapore on the Aged Parent Visa 804 since year 2005.

    I would like to share this wonderful information with

    Aged Parent Visa 804 club members.


    Here is the good news:

    When applying for Bridging Visa B for the purpose of returning to Australia,

    we can apply for ONE YEAR MULTIPLE TRAVEL Bridging Visa B.

    Yes we can. We have been granted ONE YEAR MULTIPLE TRAVEL Bridging Visa B

    since year 2007.


    Please note that the normal issuing Officer in DIMIA may not know.

    They will tell you that they are only authorised to grant 90 days Bridging visa.

    Request such Officer to consult his/her immediate senior officer and

    you will be granted this ONE YEAR MULTIPLE TRAVEL Bridging Visa B.


    Sorry, mate this is only for Aged Parent Visa 804 club members.

    The cost for this year Bridging Visa B is A$95/=




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    Guest dareyoudareme

    Hi James,


    I hope you don't mind me asking you a few questions on the Aged Parent Visa, as you're the only person I've been able to find that on one!


    I live in Australia & my mum & step father are both in the UK. I am an only child & would very much like my mum to live here with me. I have gone through all the visa options & the only affordable one is the aged parent visa 804. My mum is worried about selling up in the UK & moving over here on a tourist visa & then lodging the application on her arrival. Did you have any trouble appling for the Aged Parent Visa? Did you enter Australia on a tourist visa? Have you been able to buy a house? Have you encountered any problems living in Australia with this visa? I'm so sorry for all the questions but just want to put her mind at ease.


    Thanks so much


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