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Setting up your own business

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    Guest JT1

    Currently looking for work I wondered how easy is it would be to set up your own business to operate as a consultancy for eg. I am on a 475 visa - has anyone else who has gone on to then gain permanency - what did you have to prove (eg work hrs must be over 35/week) and how complicated was it?



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    Hi there,

    I don't know about the issues around your type of visa and opening a business but:


    it is quite easy to register a business. If you look on the Australian taxation website you can get an ABN (Australian Business Number).


    The other place to look is the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs OCBA - Office of Consumer and Business Affairs They deal with business licencing.


    I have had plenty of dealing with DIAC with all sorts of enquiries. They are in Currie st in town and it's possible to just walk in there and have a friendly chat with a rep or case officer (but you have to be here!). I have also phoned for plenty of enquiries so if you don't get the info that you need on here...just give them a call. They are really helpful and will certainly give you the right answers to your queries.


    best of luck.



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