how do i prove my ss?

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    hi all,

    can anyone offer me any advice? we were awarded our SA state sponsorship 2 days ago (yippeee!!!) so now the clock is ticking for the visa application to go in.


    On our checklist of documentation required we have to provide evidence of state sponsorship, but how do we do this???? Obviously we have a print out of the tracking page on their website, but is that good enough? I e-mailed them to ask and the generic reply i got didn't answer the question, not by a long way!!!


    My (idiot) migration agent doesn't seem to know how to prove it, and SA immig haven't sent me anything except whats in the tracker.....help!!!!!!!!!!!!


    stressed stressed stressed :arghh:

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    First of all, congratulations.


    You should receive an email confirming your state sponsorship and this is what you provide as proof.


    Please check your spam email folder as I know that people have found it has gone there in the past.


    Good luck.

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