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More newbies questions.... sorry!

Guest Ryan T. Lion

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Guest Ryan T. Lion

Hi all :jiggy:


We will also be (hopefully) coming out to Adelaide in a few months...... It's happening very quickly - we decided this would finally be the year we would at least look into it (almost as a New Years resolution......) 3 months and one phone interview later here we are. I've got a job offer in my inbox and we're getting the ball rolling!


Getting very excited but also need to bottom out a few things..... Hoping you guys can help with some unashamedly naive newbie queries..?


1. Nasties. A friend of ours has visited Oz a few times (not too sure which city, she's my wife's friend and they don't seem to "do" name places) anyway she says she can't let her little one play in the back garden unattended through fear of snakes. But another friend of mine who's lived in Sydney for 6 years says he's never seen one, and to just check underneath garden toys each morning for any hiding (don't leave shoes out for spiders etc...)


Don't laugh - but will we be able to let the kids (ages 2 and 5) run around the garden without constantly watching their every move? I said don't laugh!


2. Commuting. My wife doesn't drive, and the small UK city where we live now has an excellent bus system - she knows the buses inside/out and can get around quicker than me and my car can - and that's with a pushchair too! Question is.... are the outer suburbs well linked into the city by public transport? It may be pie in the sky but we were hoping for somewhere within walking distance of a school, bus stop, shops etc... My point is, in some cities "you just need a car" - is Adelaide one of them?


3. Schools. When does the school year/term start? We've heard you start school the term after you turn 5, can anyone let me know any dates? We would try to coincide arriving with a new term if poss.


4. Live music. For some people it's footy, for others it's theater - for me, it's live music. My UK town has a few decent music bars dotted about..... I've been told Adelaide has a reasonably half-decent music scene. Anyone want to comment?


5. Teaching. My very lovely wife is a Primary School teacher. Whilst she won't need to work initially - she may want to long term (she loves teaching, it's in the blood!) - are there any teachers on here that can comment on doing supply teaching etc in Adelaide? Is it easy to do, and in demand at all?


Hope you guys can help - with any luck we'll be making the move and in a little while I can return the favour to another nervous newbie a year or so behind us!


I'm always thrilled when I see on here just how much time you give and care you take to respond to people's posts - thanks all.



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Guest Squareman

1. Nasties - my wife is terrified of snakes and spiders and every she speaks to about it (life-long Aussies) say they have never been bitten by a spider or even seen a snake. I have a 6 year old boy and we have told him not to pick up any spiders if he sees them (he's fearless) and that's about it. Anyone who doesn't let their kids run around like normal kids, has a screw loose in my opinion. There are nasties in Oz, but its not like the place is infested! LOL


4. Live music is quite good. Have a look at www.fivethousand.com.au. or you could download the "Rip It Up" app if you have an iPhone. Plenty of gigs here.

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There is a good live music scene in Adelaide. It might take a while to get used to Aussie music though.The Grace Emily on Waymouth and the Ed on Currie Street are two pubs you should get to know.


Most of the major bands from the UK and US will now play Adelaide when they tour Australia. The Governor Hindmarsh and the Thebarton Theatre usually host the bigger bands unless it's U2 or Kings Of Leon etc. and the mega stars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga ;) play at the Entertainment Centre.


Look these venues up online and have a look.

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Ok, as no-one else has answered the Commuting question - I reckon you can manage perfectly well without a car, as long as you choose your suburb carefully. Bear in mind that most transport is city-centric - so if you want to get from one suburb to another you may have to go into the city and out again! Busses seem cheap and pretty reliable (except those driven by Cornish BusDriver who posts on here of course!!!) and there are also train services from some places. If you haven't already done so have a look at Welcome to the Adelaide Metro Website and the trip planner on Welcome to RAA


Whereabouts is your new job based? If you give us an idea of that, we can probably suggest the more pedestrian friendly

suburbs nearby.


Oh, and for primary school teaching, have a look at comments by Nick11 on here... should shed some light!

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DECS Customer Information


Some info on dates of school terms for next few years.


Ah that was the link I was about to post :) I found that a while back and its been handy for our planning to know the next few years in advance.




To the OP - School year starts after the summer hols, which end late Jan (they break up before Christmas for the summer break). Then your child will start school the term after they turn 5. So if your eldest is 5 already, they'll start whenever you arrive. Depending on when your eldest was 5 can play an important part though.


This is not a set in stone thing and the rule is flexible on a case by case basis, but if a child is 5 and completes 3 or 4 entire terms that first year they go up a year the following year. If they only complete one or two terms, ie starting terms 3 or 4 (because they turned 5 later in the year) the general thing is they repeat the year over and so complete 6 terms before going up a year. However, this is a case by case thing and some children don't do the 6 terms but go up with the children who have done the 3-4 terms.


My hubby was a June baby so started in term 3 (many years ago now :biglaugh:). He was one of the children that didn't stay and do 6 terms but went up after completing 2. Our son will be 5 in the May so won't be able to start till term 3 and we are planning on pushing for him to go up after 2 terms. He'll have done some here in the UK before we leave and I'll continue with the basics till he starts school there. But it seems to be the norm for the late starters to have a chance to complete a full year over before moving up to the next year.


Snakes - My hubby, his brothers and all his family have grown up safely there running round backyards, playing in parks and so on. Never saw a snake. Kids are taught to be snake aware in Aus and the things like checking outside toys and things is a good one.

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1. Nasties: LOL. (Sorry, couldn't help having just a little laugh!) I'm a born and bred Aussie, brought up on a farm. I remember seeing one snake I think, during my childhood. We would run around outside, sometimes with no shoes. A snake will only bite if you corner it, or tread on it, or try to catch it. (Most bites are actually people trying to catch or kill a snake.) The snake's first reaction will be to try to get away from you. I have seen a few snakes in our current backyard over the years, but we live near a gully and close to bushland. I will still go outside sometimes in bare feet. Mind you, I'm not saying I'm not scared of coming across a snake! It would still make my heart beat faster, but I don't normally think about it so much that it affects my life.


Spiders: I've probably had the odd spider bite, but the mosquitoes affect me and annoy me more!


You are more likely to be hurt or killed in a car accident than a spider or snake bite. Even though the snakes are venomous, if you can get to a hospital, you will usually be alright, as they have anti-venenes. (sp?)


Most Aussies don't even think about spiders or snakes on a day to day basis.

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Guest Ryan T. Lion

Hi all


Wow - what a helpful set if replies! I'm posting this on my iPhone's tiny screen at the moment - at 8am about to head off to work, but I'll post a better reply once I'm there....... Heh-heh!


My job will be in the CBD I think (not got the address on me but I know it overlooks the Oval!) and I bike to work at the mo.


I'll check out the links you've provided - so much research!!!


Ever feel like you're living 2 lives? UK job and family/friends during the day, Oz research and dreaming at night...?!


Thanks again all



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Guest kangomik

We have some snakes in the reserve at the moment, but apparently they are not brown snakes, you will usually find nasties if you go looking, but you really have to be looking.


Where we live i think public transport is excellent, and yes even here it can get to the city center faster than i can.


Live music, I am not into music, but I reckon you hear about more big names here than most other places. Thebarton theatre is the place to get up close and personal to big groups playing in Adelaide.

There are loads of pubs that do live music so you are sure to find somewhere


Teaching i only know that TAFE lecturers only get 12 month contracts for the first 5 years, infact secondary schools do the same, i just remembered.

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