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    After a bit of a debacle in here today may I remind people not to publicly share PM's


    It is really against the rules and ethos of this forum.


    Private messages are PRIVATE MESSAGES!


    Any shared openly upon this forum will be removed immediately and the poster given a severe slapping with a dead mullet!:policeman::policeman:


    Hopefully all evidence of the debacle has now being deleted,it had no place on here.


    PS - just to allay any fears, PM's are private and cannot ever be seen by a third party (including mods/ site admin) - unless you share them!


    If you have concerns regarding a PM - please contact any mod.:cute:


    BTW - I've changed the punishment to a bat around the head with an extremely startled Haddock.


    Any more bickering and it will be a crack around the barnett with a very Confused Cod.:arghh:

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