Skilled worker possible maximum age change

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    Hi all, for those like myself rapidly approaching 45yrs old & undecided, take comfort from a reply from Go matilda after my enquiry....

    "The age limit for general skilled migration is still 44.

    It is anticipated that the age threshold will increase to 49 when a new points test is introduced on 01/07/2011"


    This may give people like me a bit more breathing space....Paul.

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    I also saw this and passed on the info to a friend who's presently 48. He's a painter and decorator and desperately wants to migrate here.


    We pestered him to submit an application before he became 'too old'.


    Let's see if he gets another chance.



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    Guest Mizzmp

    The new changes are going to make it hard even for nurses etc. I think they will have to review some of the changes i.e. instead of zero points for over 45's, maybe if you prove a certain amount of work exp you get extra points that way?


    Seems so stupid they should let us take the skills test then fly over for 3 months and if we get work we can stay. Deffo more tradies needed now with all the flooding etc.


    Good luck peoples.

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