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Guest Jane.Mason

UPDATE - 2 months in

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    Guest Jane.Mason

    Hi All


    Not been on for a while but thought i would post our update.


    Well not exactly in the area we'd planned from the uk. After arriving in Brissie for a 4 week holiday with freinds, we spent 2 hours in the airport whilst OH sorted out problems with some freelance work he had carried out from the UK. As i strolled through arrivals he was cringing at the Oz lads handi work (never stops working) needless to say he contacted the bloke at the airport and the next two hours were spent sitting at the coffee shop with 14 suitcases, and the next four days OH was working.


    Holiday went well although slightly stressfull kipping down at someone elses house when you are trying to become acclimatised.


    We travelled to Hervey Bay and surrounding areas, met up with some freinds of our rellies in Gympie for what we thought would be a nice quiet meal. How wrong could we be, they had invited various freinds and aqaintances, OH got talking to a local builder and was offered a Job doing what he wants, ticked all the right boxes etc (flights cancelled to Adelaide).


    That was it we are now living in a delightful place called Gympie, 1.5 hrs north of Brisbane, we are 30 mins from the coast and 50 mins from the top end of the sunshine coast. Everything shuts at 5.30 and 12 on Saturdays so you have time for a life. We are also renting a lovely three bed with about 13acres (OH's choice not mine).


    House still very minimalistic as furniture not yet arrived from the UK. Dog is released from Sydney on the 14th December and will then fly up to Brisbane.


    All in all we are enjoying our new life, Kids play austouch, Cricket and swim for the local Goldfins (although takes some getting used to a 50m unheated outdoor pool). The boys are looking forward to the football and rugger season when that starts next March.


    OH misses his mates (won't admit it though) and when he has a bad day will be the first to mention the plane ride home, i'm on the other hand trying to throw myself into the meeting and socialising with people i don't think you get anywhere here if you don't try. People are very freindly and this was shown when we had a blow out on the main highway.


    Skype is a great way to keep in touch with back home and you soon realise who wants to keep in touch and who doesn't, family included.


    To all of those waiting good luck.



    Jane, Andi, Aidan, Callum and Abbie

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    Guest mOZzy

    wow, what a change of plan!!

    but hey, good on you for being so flexible and go with the flow!

    that's what will make it so much easier to settle down :cute:



    good news on the job front and great to hear that the kids are doing so well!

    always a bonus!


    thanks for writing that long post and good luck with all the (new) things to come!!!

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