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SA Housing Association Property?


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Hello everyone, hope you're all good.....


Just wondered about SA housing association property? haven't got visa yet or anything but looking into accommodation when we get there (have no house to sell as we rent) - does anyone know anything about the housing that the government offer? any advice would be greatly appreciated


bye for now

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Guest salisbury massive

Here's the web address for you to look at. i don't know how you'll get on. When you first arrive you can claim rent assistance until you buy a house from centrelink (like Social Services).


Accommodation & housing, DFC South Australia


The centrelink website is here - look for rent assistance.


Centrelink - assists people to become self-sufficient and supports those in need


You won't be able to claim any help until you get here, most people stay in caravan parks or holiday accomodation, you can haggle on the weekly price if you are staying a while.



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Are you thinking of the On Arrival Accommodation that used to be available for new migrants? Not sure if they still do that, but the Immigration website might be the first place to look. If you search this website: http://www.workforceinfoservice.sa.gov.au for On Arrival Services, there is a fact sheet which tells you who you need to contact for more info.

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Guest moonraker1959

I do know you cannot apply whilst still in the UK and there is 20,000 people on the list.Unless its changed,when you do apply you can choose an area of preferance,and they used to offer you up to 3 choices.In other words if you did'nt like the first house you were given you could opt to view and wait for another.

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Thanks for all the comments - I think it's the on arrival accommodation which I was asking about rather than the other type - would feel a bit cheeky using it never having done so in the UK, just wanted to find out more about it though before we write off that idea!


thanks once again all

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Hi, the on arrival accom stopped feb 28th this year. We looked into this but was no good for us as we get to adelaide in May. Send them an e-mail asking about it and they will reply with a load of links for rentals etc. Look at the website as well as it might let you know when they are going to start the OAA again.

Good luck


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