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176 application advice urgently needed!! help!


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Hi all,


was wondering if any of you who have already lodged a 176 application online could help me....


was happily attaching my scanned docs in today after lodging the application, when about halfway through it said i had reached the maximum number allowed...cue total panic.


My docs are all scanned in individually as jpegs, and i've read the website page on how to make files smaller but its all gobbledigook to me!


So does anyone know how i can carry on attaching them to complete my application, or do i now need to go get them all certified and send them through the post??


PS. Please give advice as if I was age 3...i'm really not good with computers!!!!



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Not sure if this will help, but we had the same problem with one of our forms. If you have had written your form then scanned it, it does not recognise the writing as its not standardised so classes it as a picture which takes up more memory space, try filling it in on the computer and see how that goes. Also check that you have not got your scan set to colour as this too takes up more memory space.


Hope this helps



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Thanks for the advice guys....after much trying and failing miserably i've decided to do it the old fashioned way and get all my docs certified and send them by courier, at least then i'll know for sure they've got them!!!


Hopefully it won't delay our application too much.


One more quick question to put out there tho...

Filling in Form 1221 tonight and there's a section on the last page that says 'Are there any other details you would like taken into consideration?'


Is there anything in particular I should be putting on there? Any pearls of wisdom you can offer me??


Thanks in advance


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