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    Hi All,


    We are seriously considering moving back to my home city - I have been in the UK 30+ years.


    Anyway, the advice i need is around schooling my eldest is 14 and in year 10 here (July b'day) and my youngest is in Year 6 (November b'day). My understanding is that the eldest would go into Year 11 and the youngest well not too sure - am I correct?


    Also, can anyone advise about the best course of action with the eldest in that would you let him take his GCSEs or not? I know it's his and our decision but just want to know if anyone else has had the same issue and how they found it/what they did.


    Thanks all.

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    Hi - obviously it depends when you come over here, but I would think your oldest might go into either Year 9 or 10 if you come over before December this year. My son is in Year 9 currently (turning 14 in May) and most of his classmates are 14. He is nearly a year younger than a lot of his classmates due to having started school in the UK when he was 4 (here he wouldn't have started till he was 5) so I am guessing your son may have done the same? They are quite flexible with years though, so it will depends on what you, he, and the school you pick feel happiest with. Year 11 and 12 seem to be pretty full on so it might be an advantage to start his aussie schooling in Year 10 and get settled first before the full on pressure kicks in!

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