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11th June Adelaide here we come!

Guest Froglets

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Guest Froglets

:chatterbox:Hi, We are the Froggatts and you can probably tell by the title of this message that we are leaving the UK on 11th June for Adelaide. I have submitted some other messages and have got some really fab feedback. So thank you to everyone that has replied.


I was reading the Australia magazine last night (April addition) and the lady that owns Roo Rentals wrote a great article on what to expect when arriving in Adelaide. I noticed that you have to pay for an ambulance service when you get there and was wondering if there are any other important things that we take for granted in the UK that needs to be done. We have a place to stay, we are in the middle of sorting out a hire car, we have medical insurance, my husband has a job, we have places at school. Anything else?


Also, we have a furnished property lined up. How long does it take to secure an unfurnished home? We have 9 weeks in the furnished place and wondered when to start looking. I was thinking probably about 6 weeks in advance but I may be wrong and we may need to start looking straight away.


It would be great to hear from you.


Amanda :P

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If you know what area you will be living in then you can start looking straight away.....well after you get over the jet lag....may be do a drive by in the areas you are interested in first.....then start looking on real estate.com and on the Saturday Advertiser newspaper as private landlords list there. Some properties aren't available sometimes for 1 month or more in advance and you could circle those on your list and look at them and then if the agent is keen to get someone signed up they may let you negotiate a later "start" date. Sometimes people are also breaking their lease on here and are giving advance notice so you can watch out for those too.

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Just somethng to be prepared for, coming at that time of year: sometimes people coming at the start of an aussie winter at the end of an english winter find it a bit of a struggle at first - specially when those left behind are having their summer holidays, and nice weather! Be prepared for the "miseries" to hit at some point when it feels like you've not had a summer yourselves for ages!! Not that winters here are bad at all, but it's something I have noticed in previous years....


It's perfectly normal, and perhaps if you are prepared for it, it won't hit so hard - when the aussie summer does come, it will all seem worth it!


Good luck with the move.

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