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Stuck on visa application

Guest Mizzmp

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Guest Mizzmp

Im just going through fillng in what I can for our visa (as still waiting for confirmation of state sponsorship) and it says you have to put all your family details, dead or alive.


It says migrating dependents which I assume should include our children but the only relationship seems to be marriage, widowed etc. Surely there should be a "children" part to click on or have I read it wrong?


I hope the form doesn't get any worse I have a headache already!



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It occurs to me that maybe it's asking for their relationship status (single/defacto/married etc) rather than their relationship to you?

This might be to check that they are actually dependent on you, as if they're not single, then they'd be interdependent with their partner rather than dependent on you (would really only apply to older teens, but forms are forms).


There are some really weird questions on the forms, but from experience, it's mainly to check that you do fulfill the requirements. e.g. on the partner visa form it asks if you and your partner are related (siblings/cousins etc). I laughed, but I guess they have to double check that you do actually fulfil the australian laws/definition of being a couple

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