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Anyone want to try Belly Dancing for free?

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    Place where I've been learning belly dancing is doing some free sessions in April, so if you've always fancied giving it a try, this is a chance to do so without paying out till you know if you enjoy it!


    Dates of the free sessions are (in April)

    Monday 11th (6:30pm),

    Wednesday 13th (6:30pm),

    Saturday 16th (11:30am),

    Monday 18th (6:30pm),

    Wednesday 20th (6:30pm),

    Wednesday 27th (6:30 pm) and

    Saturday 30th (11:30am)


    It's held in the City in Gilles Street (Belly Dance Amethyst Adelaide | Belly Dancing Classes Adelaide | Fitness Fun Adelaide) - to book call 0408 115 044 or email


    It's great fun, you don't have to have any sense of rhythm (well, I haven't!), and the tutors are really nice. They lend you a hip belt to make the jingly noises too!


    Probably this is aimed mainly at the girls (or Stevo!)....

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    Probably this is aimed mainly at the girls (or Stevo!)....


    You know, many years ago, while in a Turkish restuarant in my old Amsterdam neighbourhood, they had a belly dancer booked. It was busy that night and we didn't think anything of it, bellydancers were often appearing there.


    Anyways there we were, all sat and mid way through the main course the music started and the bellydancer appeared from behind a curtain. We of course looked up to watch the performance and all of us stopped talking and our jaws dropped slightly. For there, in all the sparkly kit, wiggling their tum and hips for the resturant to see was a guy :eek:


    He really gave it everything but alas was lacking the slight wobbliness to quite pull it off :cute: And truthfully, we didn't know if we wanted to giggle like schoolgirls or to sit there and keep straightfaces. It was different to say the least :cute: He was apparently a crowd puller.


    So guys if you want to give it a go, don't hold back :D

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