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Why we want to live in SA???

Guest Viksta

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Guest Viksta

Hi everyone!

Still trying to get my head round this site, have no idea if I'm posting in the right place!

We're currently trying to do our SS form and are having SUCH difficulites writing why we wanna live in SA!! Have no idea what angle to go for and everything we write sounds so airy fairy!!

Just wondering if anyone has any helpful tips for this section or information we could add? We've now spent the last 3 night writing and DELETING all our reasons, and keep ending up with nothing!!

Getting very frustrated now, as the closing date is fast approaching!!!



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Guest littlem

Hi and welcome :)


I would just write from the heart if you have done your research why do you want to live there? Break it down to relate to your family. If you have kids what activities are there for them what schools, any particular programmes. If you child is musical and they have a music programme etc etc


Which part of SA do you want to live in and why house prices facilities


That's just an example but I would break it down and go with what comes naturally to write down


At the end of the day they are not trying to trick you they just need to see you have researched and that SA is right for you


I hope this helps it's not easy to write but it has to be original



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Guest snowy10

I broke mine down in to sub headings and wrote a little about the following topics:


Brief overview od Adelaide/South Australia




Transport links e.g. Trams/buses, prices of cars etc.

Cost of living

Employment prospects

Health care



Good luck

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They basically want to see that you've done your homework and aren't going to get here, find out it's not what you expected and b*gger off. So just write down all the things you've looked up about SA and why they suit your family.

e.g. job availability, schools that suit your children's temperaments, what are your hobbies, how are these catered for, what new things would you like to do in SA, how are these catered for, etc etc.

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