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Nurse registration- sending documents to AHPRA


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Has anyone used a courier to sent their documents to AHPRA?

I was advised to avoid Royal mail and use a courier. However, I looked up DHL and FEDEX and both state they will not deliver to a PO BOX, and AHPRA is a PO BOX address??

Have I got this wrong? Really don't want torisk documents getting lost after paying a Notary £90 to certify them!!



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Guest nicandchris

hi ive noticed that youve got a job offer, whose that with? some companies will send the stuff to ahpra for you - peyton checked mine and sent them for me, just a thought.



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I am also with OGP, but no joy getting hold of them today! They offered to do that for me a few weeks back, but as my documents will be forwarded by the ANMC, it was not straight forward, so I shall sort this myself.

Just spoke with TRANSGLOBAL EXPRESS, they will do it, but I needed to give them a street address and phone number, which I have provided. Cheaper to at £24.95!

Every cloud has a silver lining, eh!

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I sent AHPRA, the application form, passport copy and driving license (certified by a notary public) and my CV, signed by my manager. All other documentation was in the file from ANMC.

However, the verification from NMC had expired, as over 12 months old by the time AHPRA had it, so I just re-applied for this to be forwarded to them (another £34, but hey ho!!).

Hopefully wont be too much longer now.

My job offer won't allocate me until my registration is through, so I e-mailed them and stressed the need for this to be processed before September, when I arrive:-)

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