Cost of 176 visa??

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    Sorry if this seems a silly question, but I've looked on the DIAC website and it mentions 2 instalments for this visa. However, instalment 2 is confusing me by saying:


    ...'The 2nd instalment of the Visa Application Charge for dependents aged 18 years or over with less than functional English must be paid before the visa is granted'.


    So exactly how much will this visa cost me? Is it just the 1st instalment figure of $2575 or is it also the 2nd instal of $3575, totalling $6150?


    Any advise to clarify this greatly appreciated! ;o)

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    Guest Adelaide_bound

    If your partner or any other dependants (over 18) don't speak english, you have to pay the second installment basically. If they are British and have British passport, you only pay the first installment.


    Simples :)

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