Migration film - Adelaide

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    Guest moonraker1959

    What a nice short film!Scary for me though because we arrived 4 years later and I can remember it being pretty much like that.Those were the days when Rundle Mall was a "street",you could buy a bag of mixed lollies for 5c,(I used to get 20c pocket money and could bank half of that!:biglaugh:)everyone drove holdens and ford's,families went to drive ins on a weekend in the summer(used to be packed solid,people were turned away!)and my parents brought their first house in Modbury for a whopping......$23,000!My brother brought a block of land for $200!!!!And me?I was too young to be buying land,but I spent a few summers riding my dragster,and spending all day at the local swimming pool!I loved Adelaide back then.It was alot different.

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    It's a classic alright. The house looks exactly like some of the rentals we've seen over the last few weeks!! The film was obviously made by someone desperate to make a 'proper' film, by today's standards it was so slow and long-winded. Must show it to my husband, should bring back some memories.

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