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Guest Bada boom

Adelaide property prices

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Guest Bada boom



Is there a web site somewhere that tracks property prices monthly in Australia, particularly Adelaide? I've seen myrp.com.au but that doesn't give a lot of detail.


How are prices holding up there at the moment. I get the impression they're pretty flat, but it's hard to tell from the UK (I'll be buying in a few months).


Ta, Auzzie peeps.

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I personally use this :




For smaller suburbs the data becomes a bit meaningless as it's an average price by suburb guide, and some suburbs are quite small and have some very large houses which corrupts the data.


You do though get a flavour for where the prices are going, and you can go back a few years to see the trends.


Good Luck...

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For lots of opinions on the Australian economy, then I recommend http://macrobusiness.com.au/ which has the blogs of many bloggers, grouped by blogger (especially good are Delusional Economics and Unconventional Economist) and category, such as Oz Housing Bubble. For a survey of housing affordability check out



For specific suburbs and specific properties, then on realestate there are some recent sold prices http://www.realestate.com.au/sold and if you go into the details for a particular property and scroll down the page, there will be a list of recent sales, and if you click on 'More Free Suburb Data' there is more information.


I have been monitoring house prices here (well in the western suburbs) for ages now and since Christmas the market has been in real trouble. Houses are taking longer to sell and some sellers are getting desperate as despite dropping their prices several times they are still not selling their homes. Many are now resorting to renting them out instead. It is just like the UK in 2008. People can no longer ask silly prices for their houses and get it. I reckon the market has further to fall.

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