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An Australian wants to visit the UK


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I realise this is a bit lazy but if someone has already done some investigating if an Australian can go to the UK on a work visa it would help.


My partners daughter has expressed an interest in visiting the UK and Europe for a year, working the pubs etc... She has British Grand Parents, and I would think she is eligable for citizenship, but is there an easier way ?


Can anyone help ? or do i have to do some work..... :-)

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1) If her grandparents are UK born, then she can apply for an ancestral visa, this allows her to work and live in the UK as a resident for 5 years, at the end of which if she has not spent more than a specified amount of time out of the UK she can apply for citizenship.


2) She could apply for a youth work visa if she is under 25. This means she can go work in the UK for a year and extend to two. There may be restrictions on this type of visa.


All the info she needs to apply is online at http://www.ukinaustralia.fco.gov.uk

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Yes, she can apply for a British passport, based on heritage;assuming dual nationality!

This does not give her citizenship, merely the right to enter, and work..............


Ive known a few people apply for European passports for just such eventualities.......


Her only issue would be getting work, i think, the situation is a bit dire; she may have more luck outside of london though!


Good luck to her.

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Guest moonraker1959

I don't know whether this relates to your situation,but I had my son adopted at birth(in Adelaide).He is 29 now.We met two years ago(been in contact for the last 8).He still lives in Adelaide(I'm in the UK).He applied for a british passport two years ago,from my passport,which then enables him to work,live,whatever in the UK just like I can.I had to go to a solicitor here to sign some notary stuff as proof,sent that back to my son and he then sent it with his application to Canberra.Easy.

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