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Moana.Any Info?


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Guest Fluterby

Only been to the deep blue cafe once and had takeaway of fish and chips, very greasy, small portion, fish still had skin on which the Mrs dislikes, and the inside of the place looked scruffy. Certainly wouldn't describe it as good food.


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Having eaten in the deep blue on numerous occasions, the food is certainly better than some other places I could name although I could say it worse than others.

The decoratIon is what it is, it's a small local eatery. If you want mater chef then maybe head into the city and buy five star at five star prices.

I guess if you want posh tucker with a posh decor, maybe head somewhere else.

I think I enjoy the idea of supporting local and I eat off the plate not the wall,floor or furniture

So the deep blue will do for me.

Moans is not bad and I would live there, just make sure the neighbours do not have a setters on the varanda, youll be right.

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Guest guest569

Moana is just on the other side of the road to us. I love it and as far as Deep Blue cafe goes Inside it is a small local seaside restaraunt but the food has always been to my liking, even if its just $5 hot chips to sit on the beach and watch the sun setting !!!:notworthy:

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We love Moana South/heights, its lovely and quiet, the beach is fantastic with both a drive on and walk on only areas, lovely sea views, whale watching from the cliff tops in winter (saw 3 whales last winter) Deep Blue is nice never had a bad meal there, but your also only a 5 minute drive to Mclaren vale with its many cafes and restaurants and of course many a Sunday lunchtime spent at a cellar door having a great platter and wine tasting. :cute:


Walk to the local shops and new Pizza takeaway. 3 kids play parks, good internet connection could go on and on its a lovely little spot, we highly recommend it.:D



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Moana is a great place, it is also according to growth in prices one of the Most popular places in the south to buy.


Moana heights is beautiful and is at the top of the hill behind the new shopping centre.


Old survey MOANA is the lower end of the hill has older built homes with big blocks and seem to achieve great prices.


I would love to live there!

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Guest Guest75

It's cak down there!!:shocked:

Full of ferals and whining Poms!!!! :goofy:


Don't do it!!!!!:arghh:









............... Just can't give the "balanced" view as not much to dislike at all.

So I'm in the "Love it" brigade as well.


Obviously you have taken the extra travelling into account. Be a lot better when the rail line comes through.

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Moana is a gorgeous place to live.

Only downside is the travel especially if you have kids. There are buses to the shops but it's a schlep if you ahve teenagers working at the shopping centres and you have to collect them!

All depends upon personal circumstances i guess.



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