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Guest dwethe

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Guest dwethe

we have never been to SA, and am struggling to find where will be best for the family. We have looked on web sites bu still find it difficult. Does anybody have any ideas on how you found the ideal place?

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What you have to do is ask yourself a few questions about what you want from where you want to live ie how important are certian things such as.





Public Transport


shops etc etc


when you can get a rough idea of what you want from where you want to live then you can narrow the search down a bit...ie if you want a beach nearby you dnt wanna be living up in the hills.....


and vice versa....


But alot can depend on if there is property to buy/rent in your chosen area too.


We chose the south as its what we agreed on before we set off, we started in Seaford then took a drive down Aldinga Beach and totally fell in love with the place, we have since built our own place and are now very happy here.


Its all about personal choice and only you can answer those questions.


good luck, were all here tho to offer help and advice.




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Well said HG


We originally wanted Flagstaff Hill or the nearby burbs..........however, there were few rentals big enough for 6, so we ended up here in the Eastern burbs.

Rental can be more expensive, but the schools are excellent, only 8kms from the CBD, 20 mins to the beach, and we got VERY lucky.


The southern beaches, which are very lovely, are only an hour away, not that bad really, and it makes for a good day trip....and the chance to meet up with other expats who live that way.


Some real estate websites do have a "suburb review" maybe have a look at that!!

Good luck with your search

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