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Transcript from the NMC

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Hi all,


Has anyone on here ever had to rely on the NMC to provide their transcript from when they qualified? (also referred to as a 'TOR')


The School of Nursing in Sheffield where I trained in the eighties have said that they do not have any info archived about me or the course I did (RMN 1983 syllabus).


This one piece of paper is holding up the whole process for us, and may yet kill the whole dream. :sad:

So down and stressed...



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Hi Sarah

I trained in 1989 at a school of nursing within a large psychiatric hospital,neither of which no longer exist.

The NMC sent a copy of my training syllabus which they keep in their achives,get in touch with them. I found them really helpful. Send a written request to Jasmine Pile at the registrations dept at the NMC.

Im still waiting for AHPRA to sort out my registration,sent everything to them in October last year, can't believe its taking so luck.

Best wishes


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Hi Jaynem,

Thank you very much. We will get on to them straight away on Tuesday.


I sent our AHPRA registration stuff off mid October and it took them 5 months to realise that we had not supplied them with this transcript. A temp person at our agents told us it wasnt necessary. We have wasted the last month trying to find it from Sheffield. So stressful.

Thanks again

Hope yours comes through soon.


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I also had to get a transcript from the NMC. It was the easiest part of the whole process. After my 'school of nursing' could find no evidence of me in their archieves. i contacted the NMC. It was simple. I had to email them with a brief note about the 'style' of my training.... they then just sent a transcript off. I never had any problems with it.

Good luck



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Guest guest3462

I've had to have transcripts from my uni and the nmc. it's not too muc bother to do. Also if you have a job and can provide evidence of a start date and contract to aphra they will process your application straight away.

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